About FBT Spreading

About Us

Locally owned and operated

For over five decades, FBT has helped hardworking farmers to add value to their land. We’re proud of where we’ve come from and look forward to creating the next decade of growth and prosperity.

 Our spreading fleet vehicles are all Spreadmark certified and equipped with GPS mapping to ensure accurate and precise spreading with proof of placement. 

We operate a fleet of 4WD spreader trucks fitted with spinner and blower combinations to ensure the best possible spread on all terrain. 

Our fleet vehicles are fitted with wide floatation tyres to ensure minimal pasture damage and soil compaction, while still being able to traverse steep country. 

We’ve recently extended our fleet with a Liquid Applicator, Tractor Spreader and from November 2023 we will have a Low Impact ute spreader.

Our People, Our Values

We are committed to continuously improving our service and providing the best quality products for our customers.

Guardianship: We understand and respect our position as guardians of the earth’s natural resources. Sustainability is top of mind in all that we do.

Health and Safety is paramount of everything we do and integrated into our processes.

We take personal responsibility for all the work we do.

We are honest in all our relationships including with staff and customers.

Professional: We are professional, ethical and reliable. We strive to continuously improve and innovate.

He tāngata! Our people are highly skilled and follow best practises to ensure superior level of service.

We focus on results to provide the best possible service.

We strive for the highest level of compliance through technology, innovation and training.

Innovative offerings from our sister companies

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Access premium fertilisers to fuel your soil's productivity, tailored to your farm's unique needs.

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FBT Spreading provides advanced technology, leading the way with their machinery and experienced technical team..

Convenient and affordable Portable Rental Cabins. Warm, Dry and Insulated.

We proudly serve as your local experts, helping your farm thrive and grow.