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Free Farm Mapping

Digitise your farm map including paddock identification, exclusion zones and waterways. You can use this map to upload to other farm management platforms, view historic fertiliser applications, nutrient quantities and place online orders through to FBT Spreading.

FBT Spreading’s digital farm map is downloadable and can be used to create a custom farm map whiteboard or print pads of maps, to assist with day to day management decisions.

GPS guided proof of placement


Tabula (formally TracMap) is a GPS guided proof of application and job management system. Know with certainty that your nutrients are being applied accurately and efficiently.

Our dispatch teams load your nutrient data into Tabula at the time of application. This allows you to track where your nutrients have been applied, and what quantity has been used.

Access all historical jobs with the Tabula online program. You can then print off proof of placement data for compliance recording and download your farm maps for future management.

Every FBT Spreading job has specific nutrient data recorded against it, saving you time and effort when running reports for compliance or budgeting purposes.

A summary map of each visit is automatically emailed to you after completion, perfect for printing off and filing for farm shed inspections. 

Sync your Tabula nutrient application data to Hawkeye and MyBallance for advanced recording. This system will also add your data directly to the National Database at the end of each season for regional council nitrogen compliance.

reliable spreading services

Spreadmark certified

Spreadmark helps ensure that responsibility is met by providing assurance to farmer/growers, regional councils, and processors that fertilisers/nutrients have been accurately spread by a highly trained operator.

The Spreadmark program ensures our equipment is regularly calibrated, maintained and audited independently. Watch our video to see how its done.

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innovative Technology

Stay abreast of emerging technologies with FBT Spreading. We have a dedicated team of technical experts to assist you in finding productive solutions – from advanced data management to optimal fertiliser placement.

Our team is here to ensure you’re always ahead of the curve.

FBT Spreading


As a client, you’ll receive text alerts when our operators enter and leave your farm. FBT works with you to meet the highest Health and Safety standards.

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