Low Impact Spreader

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Low Impact Spreader

The Low Impact Spreader is the latest addition to our fleet. It’s perfect for lifestyle farms and areas with soft ground and challenging access. 

We use this vehicle for bridges and crossings with weight restrictions.  This lighter load also reduces compaction on soft ground.


All our trucks are Spreadmark certified and tested every 2 years. This guarantees our applicators are accurate and no fertiliser is wasted.

Standard spreading vehicles with options for diverse terrain.

Low impact & lightweight applicators.

Lightweight options ideal for hard-to-access areas.

Tow and Fert liquid foliar applicator.

Proof of placement

All our drivers use tabular and GPS systems to record where we’ve been and ensure the correct fertiliser is always applied.

FBT Spreading


As a client, you’ll receive text alerts when our operators enter and leave your farm. FBT works with you to meet the highest Health and Safety standards.

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