Liquid Application

sustainable SOIL HEALTH


Reduce your synthetic nitrogen with our Tow and Fert liquid foliar applicator. Fine particle application makes products more plant-available, leading to enhanced soil health. 

This solution is perfect for applying environmentally friendly nutrients like seaweed extract and humates.


Introducing Liquid Fertiliser Application by SFBT

As farming evolves, so do we.  At SFBT, we’re dedicated to helping farmers adapt and thrive while adopting sustainable agricultural practices. 

Join us in embracing the future of farming with our Liquid Fertiliser Application and comprehensive farming solutions. Contact us today to take the next step toward a more sustainable and prosperous farming future.


Why Choose Liquid Fertiliser Application?

The benefits:

  • Reduced Nitrogen Application Save costs by reducing nitrogen application by up to half — while still maintaining the same production outcomes.
  • Year Round Micronutrients Achieve efficient application of micronutrients, soil conditioners, and animal health products at specific times of the year.
  • Enhanced Soil Health Boost soil microbiology and overall soil health with soil conditioner products like liquid seaweed and humates. Even in the cold winter months, additives like molasses can stimulate microbiological activity and revitalize your soil.
  • Add Seed to Pastures We have seen fantastic results when applying chicory, plantain, and clover seed via liquid fertiliser. Talk to us about the different seeds that can be added to your applications.


"saves significant time"

“FBT Spreading have always been great to deal with, always quick to respond, which helps with my planning and operational efficiency. I compared their prices with other operators, and they were able to offer me the best deal. Their proof of placement technology includes all nutrient information, which saves significant time when we are putting together our summaries for compliance reporting, and I now have a history of our nutrient applications. I would recommend FBT Spreading to other farmers.”


Carol Cowley



All our trucks have a Spreadmark certification which is tested every 2 years. This guarantees our applicators are accurate and no fertiliser is wasted.

Standard spreading vehicles with options for diverse terrain.

Low impact & lightweight applicators.

Lightweight options ideal for hard-to-access areas.

Tow and Fert liquid foliar applicator.

TRUSTED Proof of placement

All our drivers use tabular and GPS systems to record where we’ve been and to ensure the right fertiliser is always applied.

FBT Spreading

HEALTH & SAFETy you can depend on

As a client, you’ll receive text alerts when our operators enter and leave your farm. FBT works with you to meet the highest Health and Safety standards.

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